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Meet The Team - Episode 1- Scott Dunn

In this new series we are going meet the employees of AH Group one by one and find out a bit more about them and their lives.

Each blog post will contain a written interview with some structured questions, then finish off with a 60 second quick fire question video with some slightly more relaxed questions!

First up is Contracts Manager, Scott Dunn.

What is your working background?

My trade is Electrician. After leaving school i didn't know which path to go down like most kids leaving school. I got into the building trade pretty much straight away starting in fenestration (window industry). After spending a couple of years on site working alongside other trades I found myself wanting to get into electrics. From that I managed to get myself an apprenticeship, successfully completing that after 4 years and then working as a qualified electrician hereafter that.

Why did you want to join AH Group?

After first meeting Allister and some of the workforce I could see that it was a business that was driven by success. The team is young and always open to new ideas, nothing is too much for anybody and everyone helps out each other. An ideal working environment.

What do you enjoy about your job role?

I personally enjoy the challenge of hitting deadlines. It's always brings me job satisfaction when you're ahead of schedule or even if you get it done just in time. A happy client and work force make the job role much easier to manage.

What do you find most challenging about your position?

Being Contracts Manager I am looking after multiple jobs that are running at the same time, all at different stages and all on different time scales. The most challenging part is making sure you have consistency throughout all the jobs making sure they all run smoothly overcoming any hurdles that may arise.

What are you doing to help overcome the above challenge?

A well organised diary! Thinking on my feet if any issues do come to light.

What is one key learning point you have found on the job since you joined AH Group?

Communication. This being from just keeping everybody up to date and all reading from the same page, through to ordering materials and getting them to site when the right trades are on site. I also think it's extremely important to keep in regular contact with the client, which also helps keep the project moving and works towards the client being happy as things are constantly changing in a construction project. Getting spec changes and issues ironed out in 1st fix stage is crucial.

Away from work, do you have any hobbies or how do you like to spend your leisure time?

I enjoy playing cricket, football and I have just recently completed the London Marathon.

Who's your biggest role model or inspiration person and why?

After the summer we have just had my role model currently is Ben Stokes. Not once but twice bringing England from the brink of defeat to two truly unbelievable wins, showing true determination, game intelligence and confidence in his own ability.

Finally, what's your favourite inspirational quote?

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail...

Quick Fire Questions Video

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