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The Castle Hotel - New Beginnings - Part 2

It's time to check in at the Castle again, where progress has been moving along swiftly since the first blog was released at the end of November.

The stud work continued to go up and the Plumbers and Electricians moved in to begin the first fixes of these services as the Joiners worked through the building. In addition to the internal first fixes taking place, as the property is being split into individual dwellings, this requires a large amount of external works for new pipes and cabling to be laid for new supplies which continues to go on.

Structural work continued to take place through the building, and a new dormer was added to the top floor flat to open this space up.

New windows have been installed throughout the building, and an external staircase installed to give access to upstairs flats via the new layout.

As the first fixes of the services and the stud work was completed, this allowed the Plasterers to move in and begin the process of boarding and skimming the walls as the required heat and sound insulation was installed.

This brings us to date with the works continuing to move along in tandem with each other and the Plastering team making progress to bring shape to the individual flats.

Check back shortly for another update, as we move towards the point kitchens and bathrooms being installed!

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