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Converting to an HMO

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Converting properties to HMO's (Houses in Multiple Occupation) were the type of project that built the foundations for AH Group, and is still a large part of what we do. We haven't seen many HMO's on the blog, so thought it was time to show one we have recently completed for a client.

This property has been transformed into a 7 bed all en-suite HMO after being ripped out and taken completely back to brick.

Following taking the property back to brink, the transformation begun with the stud work going up to create the new layout.

Following the studwork and new windows and doors being installed, the first fixes of electrics and plumbing took place, much like we have seen in previous blog posts for our properties. Following the first fixes the plasterers moved in, then the second fixes of joinery, plumbing and electrics. The property was finished off by the decorators and the flooring team and the results can be viewed in the slideshow gallery below.

We complete a HMO project like this one from start to finish in 3-4 months, with no time wasted from our well oiled team!

If you want to see more HMO's we have completed, please visit the Before & After page of our website where some pictures of various projects are showcased, or get in touch with us if you want us to transform your property to a fresh HMO ready for the rental market.

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