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Creating A Care Home - Part 2

At the beginning of July we posted an introduction on the blog to one of our new projects, the conversation of flats into a care home, which is currently running during this busy time for AH Development Services.

Progress has been moving swiftly at the project, with the first focus being adding the 120m2 extension to the existing building. Following the footings being dug, the brickwork was built up and the stone floors were laid, followed by the concreting over these floors.

As the ground floor was built up, the steels and lintels required for the structure of the property were installed, doorways altered and opened in line with the architects plans and the floor for the second level built.

The floors were layered with insulation in line with building regulations and the outline of the new rooms marked out.

Following this, the 1st fixes of the electrics, including the wiring for the fire alarm system were installed, along with the 1st fix of plumbing, providing the basis for the numerous en-suites and shower rooms in the property.

With the Care Home being built to a very precise specification to allow it to meet the regulations required to be a care facility, no radiators will be installed in the property and the heating will be provided by underfloor heating. Once the foundations of the plumbing were installed it allowed the company laying the underfloor heating to move in and install this.

Now the structure has come together, this week sees the roofers move in to add the new roof to the property, as well as the plasterers step in to give shape to the internal layout. Be on the lookout down the line for a further blog showing the progress of the internal rooms of the Care Home!

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