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Bringing Buildings To Life - Part 2

A couple of months ago, we introduced one of our latest projects for a client to you on the blog and it's time to check in with the progress. A lot of has happened in the past two months and the former stables is moving quickly towards becoming two finished flats.

Moving back in time to mid April, we find ourselves at the point where we left Pt 1 of this blog, with the stud walls going up to create the layout for the flats.

At this point, as the internal layout was being created, it was time to install a new staircase suitable for every day use. In addition the new staircase, the location of this was also moved to the outer edge of the property to maximise the size of both the flats.

As inside of the building was taking shape, work on the outside was taking place to marry up with the internal works. The old stable door and windows were being blocked up and altered as necessary, with new windows and doors being cut out in the existing brickwork.

Back inside, the flats required sound proofing to the required regulated standards. This involved laying 25mm thick acoustic insulation followed by 2 layers of chipboard. At the conclusion of the job, the flats will be sound tested as is the requirement under building regulations and the level of sound proofing put in by our team will ensure the best possible readings are provided on these tests.

As the sound proofing and flooring went down throughout the flats, the electricians and plumbers also stepped in to complete their 1st fixes. Based on the architects plans the waste connections and water pipes were installed for the bathrooms and kitchens, with all the initial wiring for sockets, lighting and further electrical appliances installed.

With this being a new residence, new utility connections had to be established from the mains feeds servicing the rest of the properties on the street.

To make this possible, a trench had to dug from the road through to the property for the connections to be lay in. The trench was dug using a mini digger, until the point which waste pipes for other properties were approached, and the team had to hand dig the rest to avoid causing damage to existing connections.

Once the trench was complete, the water, electrical and telecommunications companies came out to install the new connections and the respective regulatory inspections of these connections were completed and ticked off.

We have now reached the end of May, and the property is ready for the Plasterers to step in. They go to work, putting up the required boarding on the framework walls to comply with building and fire regulations before plastering the boarding. This is a process that takes weeks, but as it progress the flats start to feel like homes. To add to the homely feel, as the plastering is taking place inside, the windows and doors are fitted outside.

To keep the project moving along as efficiently as possible, the decorating team move in to work on areas of the property that have been fully plastered and dried to apply a base layer of emulsion paint.

As we sit today, the property is at the point pictured above, ready for 2nd fixes of plumbing and electrics which are beginning this week.

Part 3 of this blog will be appearing in the not too distant future, and we won't be far off the finished article!

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