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Bringing Buildings To Life

We have recently started work on a project for a client of ours which we are going to take you on the start to finish development journey with us. Over the next few months in the blog we will post articles keeping you up to date with the progress of this project as it is an exciting development for us.

This property started life as a stables many years ago and has slowly fallen into a state of disrepair.

The plan is to develop this shell of a building into two x 2 bedroom flats.

The process began with the ideas being transferred from the mind to paper, and going through the planning application to gain approval for the change of use to residential dwellings and approval for the intended development.

The approval for the below plans were granted and we could finally get the show on the road!

When our client first bought the property, there was a roof on the building unlike in the above photograph, but it was in urgent need of replacement and this was to be the first port of call following the complete clear out of the building.

The old roof didn't take much removing and in came the roofing team to erect the new structure and support followed by a brand new roof.

Once the roof was on it was time to start making the property suitable for residential living. In moved the joinery team to build a new floor packed with insulation over the cold concrete slabs in place.

The new floor was laid in a couple of days and it was time to get some insulation and new walls over the brick shell. As well as the new outer walls, the stud walling for the internal layout of the flats are being erected. This brings us to today, and the point where work is currently up to.

As this project moves along over the coming months, be sure to check into the blog to see progress updates and finished article!

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