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A Starring Role On The HMOhub Podcast

The HMOhub is regarded as the home of the UK's HMO property community with their mission being to connect, educate and inspire the UK's' HMO property community.

Their website contains a wealth of information relating to all things HMO, including regular blog posts, a HMO directory, and various HMO resources.

They also have a podcast where they speak to members of the HMO community, with the aim to share stories, and produce content aimed at achieving their mission of educating and inspiring the property community.

The success and hard work of AH Group hasn't gone unnoticed in the community and Hannah was approached by HMOhub to be a guest on the podcast and tell her and Allister's HMO story from the beginning through to where we are now!

Hannah has always loved the opportunity to help others find success, so jumped at the opportunity to give some insight into lessons she has learnt along her HMO journey.

If you want to hear Hannah's story and learn a bit more about the people behind AH Group, please watch the video below which is available on Youtube. It is also available to download on audio platforms such as Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud and Spotify.

To learn more about HMOhub or to connect with more people in the HMO community, please visit their website at https://www.hmohub.co.uk/

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